What can clients expect when they meet with MODE for the first time?

The first thing you can expect when you work with MODE is that we will be on-time. We don’t give you an arrival window, we give you an exact time that we’re going to arrive at your home. We will not waste your time.

We’re going to look professional and will be mindful you are inviting us into your home. If requested, we will wear masks and shoe booties as we respect everyone’s home and understand the need to ensure everyone stays healthy.

Don’t be surprised if we ask about your family and/or your general lifestyle as it relates to the remodel. It’s part of the strategic principle that drives us here at MODE—No matter the project, we design and build environments with your specific lifestyle and behaviors in mind. We like to take all these things into consideration when we work with a client. Do you have young children who will be using the area? What about animals? Are there any special needs that need to be addressed? We really look to take a holistic view of the project and the environment inside your home in order to make appropriate recommendations based on the space.

We’ll talk with you and ask a lot of questions about what your vision is for the remodel project. We’ll also look at the rest of your home and take that into consideration when making recommendations so that the remodel fits in with your style. We will ask for any pictures of projects you’ve collected or like for inspiration and to see the look of the finished product you’re looking to achieve.

This personalization and “getting to know you” aspect of our first visit really allows you (and us) to see if we can work together to make your dreams come true. Other contractors will likely just want to see the area to be renovated, take measurements and leave. That’s just not the way MODE works. We sincerely care about each and every project we take on and have made friends through our remodeling projects. You may not be looking for another friend—and that’s okay. It’s just that we take great pride in understanding the factors that go into a remodel project in your home and we acknowledge the trust you place in us to get the job done right.

We’ll then ask you to show us the area where you want the work done. Be it a bathroom or kitchen, we’ll then take measurements. Once all your questions are answered and we have a very clear idea of what it is you want, we’ll let you know if we think we are a good fit for what it is you’re looking to do with your remodel. Assuming we can work together well, we’ll come back to you with plans and a ballpark estimate (usually in about 24-48 hours) of what it will cost to make your dreams a reality. If our plans and pricing match up with your expectations, we’ll then move onto the planning, renderings and formal estimate part of the process.

Once we have a signed agreement that includes all costs and expectations involved from both parties we’ll collect a deposit and start scheduling trips to showrooms. If you prefer, we can bring you samples of the materials to be used in your renovation. And then we’re off and running!

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