Can you suggest tips/recommendations for homeowners to consider when they look to hire a contractor for a home improvement project?

We recommend homeowners get multiple quotes for their project. We encourage this as we know we will stack-up well against our competitors, plus it gives homeowner that peace-of-mind in knowing the options available to them.

When talking with contractors, don’t focus just on the total price, but what you’re getting for that price. Also, focus on the actual people that will be working in your home. 

While we understand that cost is important, there are so many factors that play a part in a remodeling project. Some contractors can give you a lower price bid on a project because they use cheaper material. They may also use unlicensed people working on your job in your home—which leads to less than desired results.  

Who’s going to be doing the work when you work with MODE? It’s really about us living up to our company values of transparency, reliability, evolve and adapt.

You’ll have someone from MODE assigned to your project who is going to see it through from start to finish—who’s there for you 24/7 to support you and answer all your questions. That peace of mind is priceless when it comes to your overall remodeling experience.

We also recommend homeowners do a little bit of research to understand exactly what they’re getting themselves into for a bath or kitchen remodel (or any home improvement project for that matter). Some people come in with unrealistic expectations along the lines of I’m going to get my whole bathroom done for four or five thousand dollars. While that may have been the case 25 years ago, it’s just not a reality today if you want it done right with quality materials.

Come in to the experience with an open mind to get exactly what it is you want for your home. Clients already have a vision of what they want that helps us get started. We can then take that info and work with them on wish lists and budget to deliver on their dreams. We recommend customers go out on Pinterest and Instagram (along with HGTV.com and any other sites). These images help us in the design and bid process to ensure we are perfectly aligned with customers on their projects. After all, it’s their home and we want to make absolute sure we agree to the project deliverables before work is started. Of course, we can take these ideas and make suggestions on things we’ve done before that they may not have even thought of yet to get everything they want and even more!

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