Preparing for your initial consultation

What’s the trick to a successful initial consultation for your project? As a professional contractor, I get this question all the time. The key factors that can determine the success of the initial consultation and set the tone for a great experience:

-Wants and Needs

-Taking measurements and pictures of project space

-Breaking down costing

Wants and Needs – Colors, finishes, patterns, and things you can’t live without should be noted down before your contractor comes to your home. All homeowners should be present too.

Condition of Space – Clearing an the area you want remodeled will allow quicker measurement and faster estimating of project cost. This part takes a good amount of time, so make sure to prepare for that!

Breaking down Budget – Have a budget in mind for your project. Keep in mind that labor, materials, and work area will be factored into the cost. Your design should fit you and your families lifestyle.